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While preparing my next speech about chatbots, I found some very interesting statistics about the usage and the rise of chatbots.

Hope you enjoy reading the following statements and figures. For any further questions, just write me a message.

Google Trends: Chatbots a still growing

According to the data of the Facebook IQ, the activity of chatbots discussion in a period from January 2017 to January 2018 was growing by 5.6x.

Men and women between 25-49 use chatbots in messenger (according to Facebook data).

Chatbots are used to solve problems more quickly and convenient without the need of a separate app (thats why people use bots)

According to statista.com chatbots in e-commerce are preferred compared to other industries

According to E-Marketers Retail, 67% of US Millennials might order via chatbot

According to statista, WhatsApp is still the No.1 Messenger in Germany

According to ChatThoughts.com, chatbots typically have 3x the engagement of emails

So, what about you? Do you already have a Chatbot for your company?

If yes, tell me your experiences?

Or do you want to launch a chatbot, but not sure yet how to do it and where to start? I can send you some interesting materials.
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